Aruba Utilities

Aruba Utilities

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  • Published Date: 2019-02-19 06:45:20
  • Updated Date: 2019-12-17 07:36:35
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Developer: Peter Thornycroft
OU: CTO Office
Organization: Aruba Networks
Locality: Sunnyvale
State: California
Country: US

18-08-07 Build v126 for Android !- Added support for GWL logging in ALE client !- New OUI file !- Smaller dots for survey points on AirWave client !- Fix for bug that prevented AirWave floorplan downloads on some non-US devices



Aruba Utilities includes a number of tools useful for characterizing and troubleshooting wireless LANs from Aruba Networks. Some tools work with any WLAN, others are clients for Aruba’s AirWave management system, Analytics & Location Engine (ALE) and Mobility Controllers. Support is through email to the developer, or via the Aruba Community site A user guide is available Aruba Utilities includes: • A Wi-Fi Monitor showing the Wi-Fi environment, including the current access point, dynamic signal strength and RSSI measurements, other access points audible to the device and handover events. • A Telnet/SSH client that works with Aruba mobility controllers, allowing network configuration and monitoring from a mobile platform. • An AirWave client that downloads the floorplan image and AP details from the network’s AirWave WLAN management system. See where APs are located relative to your position, and touch AP icons for details of current loading, channels and power. • The AirWave client also offers a locally-generated estimated heatmap and a site survey function that links actual coverage measurements to locations on the floorplan. • Device information (Wi-Fi, IP, DHCP, cellular status) is displayed along with an implementation of the Airwave Management Client (AMC) that reports device information and scanned APs to your AirWave WLAN management system. • A Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) scanner reports nearby iBeacons and other BLE devices with UUID, index values and signal strength measurements. • Android versions of iPerf, Ping, DNS and mDNS offer network test functionality. • Measurements are written to a plain-text log file and various csv report files that can be emailed for use later. Aruba Utilities was developed by the CTO Group in Aruba Networks as a testbed for our research into WLAN measurement and optimization techniques. It will be of interest to network engineers with multi-AP WLANS, especially Aruba Networks WLANs.

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