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  • Published Date: 2019-11-26 16:48:11
  • Updated Date: 2019-12-17 13:35:54
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  • CPU: x86 x86-64 armeabi armeabi-v7a arm64-v8a mips mips64
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Developer: Alexander Pavlov
Locality: Tver
State: Russia
Country: RU

Bug fixes for previous versions.



Track24 is the largest online tracking platform for postal items around the world. With the help of our application you will be able to track parcels both from China and from other countries. To date, we have successfully connected and tracked the track codes of 500+ international postal companies and courier services. Track packages at any time and anywhere. Get Push notifications about changing the status of the parcels. By default, the statuses are displayed in the language of the mailing companies. To select Russian or English, go to the settings, and select Russian in the "Status Language". If the status dates go to "raznoboy", then you have included the grouping by companies. In this case, the statuses are sorted first by companies, then by dates. In order to return a standard sort, simply disable grouping by company. About color markers in status and in tracking history: In order statuses, colors change depending on the number of days in the path: 0 - 20 days (green), 21 - 39 days (blue), 40 - 59 days (orange), 60 days (red). In the tracking history, colors change depending on the number of days elapsed since the status update: 0 - 3 days (green), 4 - 6 days (blue), 7 - 29 days (orange), 30 - 59 days, 60 days (red). To receive Push notifications, you must log in to the application, and It is necessary that google play services are installed in the device. In Xiaomi phones, you must allow the application to receive notifications in the security settings. You can check Push notifications as follows. Close (close) the application. Log in to, open your account settings and click on "Done". You will be sent a Push notification that you have made changes to the notification settings. Note! New statuses are received not by the application, our system updates from the list of "My track codes", after which, if new statuses are received, Push notifications are sent to the application. On international shipments (XX ######### XX), the check is performed several times a day, according to the track codes of the logistics companies 1 time, 24 hours after the last update (both automatic and manual). If you think that the application does not receive statuses in automatic mode, but only if you go into the application and check manually, it only seems to you. Simply you go into the application more often than the system checks in automatic mode. Do not enter the application for several days, and if new statuses are received, you will receive a Push notification. This has been checked by the users of the application a million times, and there is no point in writing about this in the comments, because this is incorrect information. Suggestions, comments and bug-reports please send to the mail

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